Products and Services

Ocean Shipping

Professional agents for import /export booking, customs declaration, inspection, ocean /air shipping, etc,We have direct booking or core sales agent relationship with more than 15 ocean carriers.

Service Introduction

Hazardous Chemicals

Specialized in chemical logistics for 15 years,loading-cargo has a professional chemical declaration and inspection team and operation team, long-term ISO TANK rental transportation overseas cleaning maintenance storage and other services. We have dangerous goods fleet and supporting warehouse resources.

Long-term operation of freon, refrigerant, grease, paint, nail polish, octoic acid, m-phenylene diamine hazardous pharmaceutical intermediates, such as batteries, allyl alcohol polyether, methyl allyl alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, heterogeneous 13 alcohol, citric acid, polyether polyol, diisocyanate and other general chemicals as well as milk, coffee, orange juice and other food-grade tin box business.

We serve domestic and foreign famous dangerous goods chemical products customers, and provide professional logistics supporting services for customer inspection transportation. In the future, we will strengthen the leading edge of dangerous goods logistics through effective team introduction and capital acquisition, and make it become one of the core services of loading-cargo logistics with the most market competitiveness.

Our company has professional technical team, when you have question and difficult problem of your shipment. once you inform us by phone, our team will be on site within half hour, and provide timely support to solve difficult. Each of our professional sales are able to remove/assembly basic parts, solve problem like tank leakage and other simple emergency acts. To provide the best quality service for the customer in every link of the shipment.

Provide professional 24 hours storage yard maintenance management, including cleaning, maintenance, renovation, start and surrender, annual inspection, heating, storage services, including gas tanks, liquid tanks, and liquid bags. Experienced technicians provide loading and unloading guidance, technical advice, emergency services and rescue services.

Our company has prepared a strong and professional trucking team for ISO TANK and hazardous chemicals customers. First of all, we guarantee that the drivers of our fleet are professionally trained to help the factory open valves and take simple emergency measures, to disassemble and assemble parts, label risk labels, and remind the customers of some maritime regulations.

Secondly, our team achieved 100% punctuality without any weather or bad road conditions. Finally, our driver will be the best service attitude to serve every customer, in your loading at the same time enjoy the best service you can have.

Out of Gauge

The special container is called OOG stand for OUT OF GAUGE. It means refers to the open-top cabinet and the flat panel cabinet where the oversized goods are loaded. Break-bulk-cargo (or "designated item Cargo") is a Cargo too large to be transported on a single flat case or platform. Generally, bulk goods are loaded onto multiple flat plates on the deck of a ship, and transport after securing the goods.

Special container shipping: OT/ FR and all kinds of oversized cargo/large cargo/large machinery shipping booking; Timely quotation, cabinet space guarantee.

Professional bundling and reinforcement: professional bundling team, bundling and reinforcement standards formulated according to dock standards, shipping company standards and applicable shipping standards; Door-to-door guidance, binding and reinforcement service -- from the confidence in various standards.

Professional low plate trailer: equipped with various specifications of low plate car and hovercraft, to ensure the safe operation of all kinds of goods; To provide route planning and route exploration services for bulk cargo land transportation; Professional drivers transport, on-site supervision, special cargo escort, to ensure the safety of goods throughout.

Crane loading: provide all kinds of large equipment, machinery, wooden box and loading services.

Door to Door Transportation

Door to door transportation refers to the transportation of goods from consignor's warehouse (shipping point) directly to consignee's warehouse (receiving point).

Loading-cargo logistics relies on the strong domestic and foreign branches and overseas agent network, we can provide customers with delivery, warehousing, customs declaration, port of destination allocation, customs clearance, delivery of one-stop services. Customers can monitor the status of goods in the whole process, and get the progress notice of each transportation link, so that customers can really get the worry free and assured service.