Products and Services


Service Introduction


• Loading-cargo Logistics is the NVOCC.

• Based on the establishment of global agency network and with the aid of the guaranteed contract signed with the global mainstream ship-owners, we provide globally-covered non-vessel shipping service to our customers.

• On the one hand, as the Chinese agent of more than three hundred overseas agents, Loading-cargo Logistics helps overseas agents to deal with business in China and is authorized to issue bills of loading; on the other hand, through perfect global agency network, Loading-cargo Logistics provides Chinese consignors with service of delivering to global base ports and door-to-door service at inland area, including customs clearance at destination ports, storage and distribution and issuing the through bills of loading of Loading-cargo.

Service Project

• Basic shipping:Self-assembled shipping lines are featured by the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and India, and LCL services are all over the world.

• Domestic service:Our company can provide long-term lease or single lease of domestic highway distribution services, with advantages in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui. In case of holidays, just make an appointment in advance, we will provide excellent service for customers as usual.

• Foreign service:Our agency network covers the whole world, and we can provide perfect service for foreign customers for a long time.

• Special services:Exhibitors, temporary import and export goods, to provide timely, reliable service; In addition, multimodal transport and LCL of dangerous goods can be provided.

Characteristic Service

Our Canadaand USA agent has its own unpacking warehouse, can provide safe, effective and personalized service.