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Charter Flight

Chartered Carrier transport means that an airline leases the entire aircraft to one or more charters (shippers or air cargo agents) to carry goods from one or more airports to a designated destination at agreed terms and rates.

Advantages of Charter Transportation

1.Meet the needs of import and export transportation of large quantities of goods.

2.Both parties can agree on the shipping and arriving points of the voyage and the ports of call by chartering the aircraft, with more flexibility.

3.The freight of chartered flights is lower than that of flights, and with the change of international market supply and demand, Loading-cargo logistics has rich experience in the operation of chartered flights, and has established a good cooperative relationship with other charter agencies, which can provide customers with quality services and competitive prices.

Multiple Port Linkage Transportation

Loading-cargo logistics has its own operation team. Their experienced operation agents in all major airports in China, which can provide diversified transportation solutions according to customers' types, volumes and market capacity changes.

By means of local delivery and multi-port linkage transportation, we can fully exploit the transportation capacity resources of each airport, saving transportation costs for customers and completing the trust of customers efficiently and safely.

Door to Door Transportation

Door to door transportation refers to the transportation of goods from consignor's warehouse (shipping point) directly to consignee's warehouse (receiving point).

Loading-cargo logistics relies on the strong domestic and foreign branches and overseas agent network, we can provide customers with delivery, warehousing, customs declaration, port of destination allocation, customs clearance, delivery of one-stop services. Customers can monitor the status of goods in the whole process, and get the progress notice of each transportation link, so that customers can really get the worry free and assured service.